How to Choose the Best Car Keychain

by sobota, 18 lutego, 2023

So that your car keys are not easily lost, attach a hanger that fits. Currently, car key chains have a variety  of types. You can find products such as key wallets, carabiners, smart tags, or key rings on the market. Not surprisingly, so many choices you can get confused when you want to choose.

Therefore, this article will explain how to choose wholesale leather key fobs for cars that are good for you. As usual, we will also recommend our best products with more than ten years of experience. Please continue reading our article!




How to choose a car keychain

Before you find the recommendations for the best car key chains, here we will explain how to choose them. There are three important points that you need to pay attention to. What are they? Immediately see the explanation below!


  1. Adjust the type to your needs

Several types of car key chains are popular: key wallets, carabiners, smart tags, and key rings. Let’s find out the advantages of each and choose the type that suits your needs.

A key wallet holds many keys as well as cards.

The key wallet has a shape that can be folded and is useful for placing keys. Not only can it contain lots of keys, but the key wallet can also contain cards, tickets, or identification. The size of the key wallet is also relatively larger and thicker than other types of key chains. This makes it less comfortable to store in your trouser pocket.

Carabiner, minimalist and multifunctional.

The carabiner-type key chain is identified as one of the equipments for outdoor activities. However, now several sellers have designed carabiners that are also suitable as car key chains.

The design presented is quite minimalist, with many color choices. Because it is not equipped with decorations, you can hang two to three keys at a time. Interestingly, you can connect two objects with this carabiner, for example, a rope or a bottle with a bag. Multifunction, huh!

Smart tag, able to detect lost keys.

This smart tag-type product can be the right solution for those who often forget to put their keys in. Generally, smart tags are designed with up-to-date technology that can track where keys are tucked or lost. Some products can be connected to gadgets via Bluetooth and location records that can monitor the location of key chains.

Keyring, conventional design with various decorations.

A keyring is a type that is commonly found in the market. A distinctive feature of this type is a ring that can be attached to the car key. On average, this car key chain has additional decorative details or pendants.

There are decorations in the form of long ropes, and some are in adorable shapes. You can also choose products that can be given your name details, you know. Of course, this key ring-type product makes the appearance of car keys more exciting.


  1. Make sure the material is not easily damaged

Next, you need to check the materials used. Some of the materials that are often used to make key chains, namely leather, wood, aluminum, and plastic. Of course, different materials will have other characteristics. To find out, follow the presentation below.


If you want a car key chain with an elegant and timeless look, leather products are worth considering. There are two types of leather, namely genuine leather and synthetic leather. Products made from genuine leather tend to be more expensive than synthetic leather. Even so, both of them have a luxurious look.


Car key chains made of wood are more environmentally friendly. The appearance he presents is warmer with a natural brown color. Unfortunately, the wood material will be easily damaged if it is frequently exposed to water.

Plastic or rubber

Plastic material or custom 3d rubber keychains are known for their lightweight and colorful. So, plastic car key chains are more practical and handy to carry. The designs and patterns it offers are more diverse, so you are more flexible in choosing according to your taste.



The durability of aluminum car key chains is quite strong. Products made of aluminum are also not prone to corrosion, so you don’t need to worry about getting in contact with water.


  1. Consider products from well-known brands

Last but not least, those with more budget can consider branded key chains or well-known brands. Indeed you often hear the phrase, „there is a price there is quality,” right?

Well, all branded products, on average, have undoubted quality. Usually, these products are also decorated with a touch of the logo or brand name. In addition to quality, appearance also looks distinctive and exclusive. But there’s nothing wrong with trying the same or similar products from these brands at a much lower price.


We have told you how to choose the best car keychain for you. So, have you found the product that best suits your tastes and needs?

Car key chains have a variety of designs and attractive advantages that you can choose according to your needs. Please use our article as a reference for you when choosing a car key chain. Happy shopping!

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